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Terms & Conditions

*By purchasing cupcakes & other treats from Beloved Bake Shop it is assumed that you have read and accept our terms and conditions in full.

All prices are non-negotiable and priced according to the exact specifications of design and size of cupcake box/bouquet, cookie, or treat.


All payments are taken in full at check out by PayPal, VISA, MC, or debit via Square.


All wedding and corporate orders require a booking fee of 50% of the total cost.  Final payment for all wedding and corporate orders must be made 30 days prior to collection or delivery.  If payment is not received by the date specified this shall be constituted as breach of contract by the client.  We reserve the right to hold the order until payment has been made in full.


Beloved Bake Shop does not cater to all dietary restrictions/sensitivities/allergies. We offer gluten-aware products but while we strive to keep our ingredients and processes for these gluten-aware products separate and free from gluten, we are not able to guarantee that there has been absolutely no cross-contamination. Beloved Bake Shop does not hold any responsibility for any food allergies or reactions to our product.  While none of our product contains any nuts/nut products, they are made in a home kitchen where nuts/nut products are stored and consumed.


Due to the nature of the materials we are working with, as well as product availability, we cannot always guarantee 100% uniformity in colour from order to order.  Color variations may occur; however, we always endeavour to keep consistency.  We reserve the right to modify the design or presentation materials (ie: tissue paper, bows etc) based on product availability without consulting the customer.  Should a major change be deemed necessary, we will consult with the customer prior to order completion.


Customer design requests are available via comment within the online order and during discussions regarding wedding or corporate orders.  Final designs and variants thereof are at the final discretion of Beloved Bake Shop to ensure the best possible result for each individual customer.


Once an order is placed and details are finalized for wedding & corporate orders, adjustments and alterations may only be made at the discretion of Beloved Bake Shop on an individual basis.  We reserve the right to refuse any adjustments and alterations after an order is finalized.   Beloved Bake Shop reserves the right to increase an order fee in the event that the customer requests a variation to the original order specifications. No alterations to an order are accepted less than 7 calendar days prior to reserved pickup or delivery date.


Wherever possible, Beloved Bake Shop will try to accommodate requests to transfer pickup dates, however this may not be possible depending on our order bookings for that time period (particularly for dates around special celebrations and holidays).  If we are unable to change your booking to your new date, then the cancellation policy will apply.


Beloved Bake Shop reserves the right to refuse a refund of any order placed via the online shop should we deem it unreasonable or unsuitable to do so.


The following conditions will be implemented at the discretion of Beloved Bake Shop when an order is cancelled   *not including wedding/corporate orders*

  • 14 or more calendar days from pickup date – payment is refunded in full *MINUS the Square processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30*

  • 8-13 calendar days from pickup date – full credit will be offered to use for future shop purchases *valid for 6 months from date of cancellation, and booking is dependent on the availability of Beloved Bake Shop

  • 0-7 calendar days from pickup date – no refund or credit will be issued

  • Please note that where any custom items are ordered (cake toppers, custom cupcake wrappers, etc), the cost of these will be deducted from the value of any refund regardless of the date of notification of cancellation.  This is due to the need to order custom items often weeks in advance to ensure timely shipping.


For wedding/corporate order cancellations:

  • Over 30 days before pickup/delivery date – all monies paid will be refunded (minus special order items, minus the Square processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 and less a $50 reservation fee)

  • 11-30 calendar days before pickup/delivery date – 50% deposit fee will be retained by Beloved Bake Shop, remaining monies paid will be refunded (minus special order items and Square processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30)

  • 0-10 days before pickup/delivery date – no refund will be issued


In the unlikely event that Beloved Bake Shop needs to cancel your order, we will contact you as soon as possible.  Your payment will be refunded in full by Beloved Bake Shop.


Collection times are selected via an online calendar by the customer.  Once you have selected your preferred collection time it is your responsibility to adhere to the chosen time and date.  Any orders not collected within 30 minutes of the agreed upon collection time may need to be rescheduled, and any rescheduled collection times will be solely at Beloved Bake Shop's discretion and cannot be guaranteed under any circumstances.


Any non-collected orders due to sickness or extreme circumstances are refundable only at Beloved Bake Shop’s discretion.


If you are picking up your order, please have your vehicle prepared to transport your cupcakes safely – the trunk/seats should be clear from other contents to allow the cupcakes to be safely placed on a flat surface.  Please alert us of your arrival. You may park in the parking stall directly in front of our home bakery or in visitor parking adjacent to our home. You are NOT permitted to park in the fire lane next to our unit - there are clear "no parking" signs.


Once the cupcakes are handed over at pickup and are in the customer’s possession, Beloved Bake Shop is not responsible for any damage incurred due to transport/improper handling or storage.


Due to the perishable nature of these products, we do not recommend keeping them at room temperature for longer than 3 days.  Cupcakes should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and sources of heat in the packaging provided.  They should not be refrigerated.


If you are in any way unhappy with your order, please inform us promptly to discuss options for any possible rectification. Rectification can only be made on return of the cupcakes to Beloved Bake Shop in their original packaging.  Beloved Bake Shop will then review the returned product and may make a discretionary gesture of goodwill based on the condition of the cupcakes.  Refunds or replacements cannot be issued without return of product.  Any issues must be brought to our attention within 48 hours of pickup or delivery to give us fair opportunity to assess the nature of your concern.


Please note that the only cupcakes we offer for dietary restrictions are Gluten Aware and no others at this time.  Products (baked or otherwise) may contain or have been exposed to any or all of the following allergens:  gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts (although our cupcake batter/buttercream do not specifically contain any nut ingredients, we do bake in a facility where these ingredients are kept), artificial colours and artificial flavours.  We do not take any responsibility for allergic reactions.


Here are the terms related to delivery from our delivery partner, Deeleo:

The [Deeleo] Services

The Services comprise mobile applications, website and related services, and website integrations, which enable Customers (each, a “Customer”) to arrange and schedule delivery of goods (each, a “Deeleeo”) by a third-party provider (each, a “Delivery Agent”) from a ‘pickup’ location to a ‘drop off’ location.


A Customer may initiate a Deeleeo through Deeleeo’s Platform (Mobile App, Web App, eCommerce plug-in/app, CSV file upload, or API integration). Through the Deeleeo Platform, the Customer requests the delivery of a Deeleeo, and a qualified, certified, and insured Deeleeo Delivery Agent (“Delivery Agent'') can accept responsibility for the Deeleeo. As a Customer, you acknowledge that the Delivery Agent chosen through the Deeleeo Platform will be fully responsible for your Deeleeo and delivering it to the Drop Off Location. As a Customer, you also acknowledge that the Delivery Agent can utilize all features within the Deeleeo Agent mobile application that Deeleeo Inc. provides to its Delivery Agents to assist them in a successful delivery. 


You as the “Customer” agrees to the following:


Any of the applicable additional fees listed below charged to Beloved Bake Shop for your order will be charged back to the you, the client, if incurred.

  • Other Charges and Fees​

    • Deeleeo Pickup & Drop off: 

      • If Deeleeos are canceled upon pickup (while the delivery agent is on-site), the Customer may be charged the entirety of the original delivery fee per package that was canceled, plus a cancellation fee of $5 fee or 25% of the delivery fee (whichever is larger). 

  • Cancellation Fees & ‘Add-on’ Costs:

    • Deeleeos canceled upon or after ‘acceptance/assignment’ to a delivery agent and within 2 hours of pickup time(s), after submission and before pickup, may be charged a fee of $5 or 50% of the delivery fee (whichever is larger) per Deeleeo. Deeleeos canceled upon or after ‘acceptance/assignment’ and more than 2 hours from pickup time(s) but still on the same date, after submission and before pickup, may be charged a fee of $3 or 25% of the delivery fee (whichever is larger) per Deeleeo.

    • Deeleeos canceled upon or after pickup will be charged the entirety of the original delivery fee per package that was canceled. There may be an additional fee of $5 or 50% of the delivery fee (whichever is larger) to return the package. There may be an additional distance difference fee per Deeleeo. 

    • “Add-ons” are last minute delivery requests outside our platforms. The cost of “add-ons” may be double the original agreed upon delivery fee, plus any additional fee if the ‘add-on(s)’ require our delivery agents to wait for longer than 15 mins.

    • If an address given is incorrect or is asked to be changed at any time, additional distance difference fee of $1.25/km per Deeleeo may apply, on top of original delivery fee and the cancellation fee.  

    • If the incorrect drop off address was given and the delivery was successfully delivered to the incorrect drop off address given, the cost to redeliver this package from the incorrect drop off address to the correct drop off address will be an additional delivery fee plus $1.25/km for the distance between these two addresses.  

    • The Customer acknowledges and agrees that such cancellation fee is a fair allocation of loss between the parties.



  • No refunds for delivery fees are available for any Deeleeo after Pickup, unless the package(s) is stolen, lost or damaged. 

  • For any items that Deeleeo is at fault for being stolen, lost or damaged, Deeleeo will reimburse the cost of goods to the user and not the retail value of the item(s). 


  • Unsuccessful deliveries are defined as:

    • The delivery agent cannot reach the required address due to reasons outside of their control. These can include but are not limited to,

      • road closure, building closure, Act of God, natural disaster, riots, strikes

      • a recipient is not able to receive the package when the Customer requires a signature (in-person drop off), or it is deemed unsafe for the delivery agent to leave the package at the drop off location

  • Deeleeo does not charge for re-attempting deliveries when:

    • The delivery agent makes an error with the delivery address (meaning that the address was correctly provided by the Customer, but the delivery agent made a mistake)

    • Customer enters/uploads the correct address but the address changes to an incorrect one due to an internal issue

  • Deeleeo may charge for re-attempting deliveries due to Customer error or when:

    • A recipient is not able to receive the package when the Customer requires a signature before 8pm or otherwise specified and agreed upon time frame

    • The address was incorrectly entered by the Customer

    • A unit number missing in the customer address 

    • Entry code for private residences not provided by the Customer

    • Signature or proof of age required by Customer and customer is unavailable or does not answer when delivery agent arrives at drop off destination before 8pm or otherwise specified and agreed upon time, or incorrect phone number has been provided

    • Delivery is to a business and the Customer does not mention the working hours for the business (business is closed upon drop off)

    • The Customer forgot to print and stick a legible label

  • Return process (for “in-person” or “age restricted” drop offs):

    • Items will either be kept by the delivery agent (if not an age restricted item like alcohol), or stored at a Deeleeo facility (if applicable in the region), or returned to the sender immediately, or within the same day or next day

    • Depending on the package, Deeleeo may reattempt to delivery to the end recipient the following day which may result in an addition charge

    • If delivery is unsuccessful again, the process repeats unless specified differently by the Customer (additional charges may apply).

  • Return Charges:

    • In addition to the original Delivery Fee, a Return Fee (equal to original Delivery Fee) may apply per Deeleeo. The Return Fee is 100% of the original Delivery Fee per Deeleeo. Any address changes will result in a $1.25/km fee per Deeleeo in addition to original delivery fee and return fee.

Limitation of Liability

  • Deeleeo is responsible for your package from pick-up until they are delivered to end recipients. We are not responsible for the packages before and after delivery.

  • We are not responsible if packages are stolen once successfully left on the end-recipients property with a proof of delivery photo confirmation

  • Claims will not be accepted 48 hours after delivery date and time.

 Stolen, Lost & Damaged Packages

  • Deeleeo is not liable for any losses if:

    • The Customer or end recipient submitted the incorrect address and Deeleeo has proof-of-delivery to the correct address that was provided, and the package is lost

    • The Customer did not provide a unit number and the package is lost

    • Customer has no special delivery instructions, the delivery agent drops off package and uploads proof-of-delivery, and then package gets lost/stolen

    • Customer has special delivery instructions and Deeleeo provides proof-of-delivery, and the package is reported lost or stolen

    • The packaging is not damaged but goods inside are damaged

    • The Customer sends perishable/fragile/breakable items without informing Deeleeo. Any items requiring special handling or that are time-sensitive/perishable need to be made known to Deeleeo sales and support teams

    • Deeleeo does not take responsibility for high-value items, precious metals and stones, cash, and other monetary instruments.

  • Customers acknowledge that Deeleeo Inc. cannot guarantee that a Delivery Agent will pick up and drop off their Deeleeo in the requested “Drop Off Time”, nor complete the delivery at all. Upon a “Done Deeleeo”, Customers have the right to make a claim in the event they are not fully satisfied with the service. A Customer and Delivery Agent will have 48 hours from drop off time to submit a claim. All claims and inquiry submissions regarding specific Deeleeos after 48 hours will not be processed.

  • The Customer has the right and ability to share a Deeleeo to whomever they please via text message or email. As a receiver of a Shared Deeleeo, you agree to this Terms of Use. 

  • The Customer and Delivery Agent acknowledge and agree that Deeleeo Inc. reserves the right to cancel any Deeleeo, at any time, and, as such, apply cancellation Fees to the uncooperative party (Customer or Delivery Agent).

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